You live once. Take charge of your English vocabulary.

No one knows every English word. That includes you. And that's fine. But, there are also many important, frequently used words, that you don't know. And that's not fine.

There are two key problems here. Firstly, you don't know which important words you don't know. Secondly, it's hard to learn them, and not forget anyway. But worry no more, as the right technology is finally here to help.

What is WordUp?

WordUp is revolutionary app for learning new English words.

It first maps out where the gaps in your knowledge are. Then, it creates a personalised learning plan, just for you, that focuses on one word at a time. But not just any word, rather, the most frequently used English word that you don't know yet. That's the one word that will benefit you the most in your life. It's kind of genius.

This means that you make the most out of the time you put into learning. It's super-efficient.

WordUp also uses a scientifically proven memory technique to ensure that once you learn a word, you'll never forget it.

How does it work?

Are you an English Learner?

The English language has an extensive vocabulary. With this, it is always hard to know which words are going to be most useful for you to learn. It's lengthy and painful to go through the dictionary learning words, which you don't even know if you'd use on a daily basis.

Are you an English Teacher?

Vocabulary is a key part of any English lesson, but how are you targeting your lessons for each pupil if you currently don't know which words they need to learn next? WordUp is an application that uses extensive research and data so that you can assess alongside your student which words they don't know yet. Use it as a tool in classes so that your students are learning new and useful words in each lesson.

Are you an Employer?

As employers, we never want to say no to a prospective candidate as their English language skills aren't good. We want all of our employees to be able to better communicate. They will be more productive, more active team members and subsequently more fulfilled in their work. It's also important for employees to be social at work. Improving their communication skills through WordUp will allow them to widen their social circles and improve inclusivity in your workplace.

Are you a Government Official?

A lack of understanding each other for people living in a community can cause unnecessary hassle. It's been seen in locations around the world. The main aim of any highly integrated community is getting different groups of people, from different backgrounds and different beliefs to understand where the other is coming from. This can only be done through effective communication to one another, but when each person's language skills are at a different level this can be hard to do.